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Forever Dorthy

Kathy works mainly in acrylics due to the natural feeling and more of a connection to the paint itself. She also works in pastels for their purity of color, and oils for their richness and textures.
Kathy started her focus on art in college and has studied abroad in England at Kingston on Thames Art School- which led her gaining a new perspective due to the broad variety of art forms she was exposed to during that time.
Kathy’s “Forever Dorothy” is the culmination of her work featuring a Greenbrier Resort. Dorothy Draper was a remarkable woman, and she left an amazing heritage through her impact on the Greenbrier Resort of West Virginia. Having enjoyed the Greenbrier’s decor for the strong elements of Dorothy Drapers flair for design, Kathy wanted to record the richness and boldness of her design in her artwork.

There will be an Artist’s reception during ArtWalk
Thursday December 20th, 2018, 5:00pm-8:00 pm