Sandra is a landscape artist working mainly in pastel.  She lives on a fifty-acre farm in Clay County, WV, with her husband, Wayne and is the mother of three children.  She holds a Masters Degree in Art from Marshall University, and 45 additional postgraduate hours at West Virginia University and West Virginia Center of Graduate Studies.  Sandra currently teaches art lessons in her studio in Clay County.

Her paintings are done on location at her farm, or from photographs and sketchbook drawings done on her many travels throughout West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, Mississippi and California. They illustrate the landscape forms that have always inspired her.  Her art addresses the longing we all experience to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and return to the quiet solitude of nature.  Sandra’s landscape paintings are done in a series from direct observations, sketches and photographs of the landscape and figures found across the country. She attempts to showcase the ever changing colors of the seasons, and hopes to recreate an environment that reflects the quiet, relaxing feelings associated with being in tune with nature.  In her paintings she hopes to invoke the nostalgia for the simpler life.
She is considered a Modern Realist who produces paintings that are true to the natural landscape in form with intense vibrant color that is often exaggerated, enhanced, and orchestrated with deep feeling. Her paintings are the result of her own personal vision and style.